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Cammach Group act as offshore industry representatives and sale distributor for a range specialists products and services.


Polyurea marine coatings are commonly used in waterproofing, anti-corrosion, anti-abrasion and chemical resistance applications where protection for steel substrates on offshore rig structures is critical to the design life of the platform.


Cammach Group’s Polyurea formulations combine extreme application properties such as rapid cure, even at temperatures well below 0°C, and insensitivity to humidity, to exceptional physical properties such as high hardness, flexibility, tear strength, tensile strength, chemical and water resistance.  Within 1 hour of the completed application the treated area is suitable for light use. After 24 hours the product will reach full cure and can be subjected to the use for which it was intended.


To ensure proper application on offshore rigs and platforms, Cammach Group can provide project specific statements.  In all cases with this application type a primer is required. Specific primer selection, dry film thickness levels (DTF), surface preparation requirements, will be included in this statement.


Common applications for offshore rigs include external and internal pipe coatings, internal and external tank coatings, internal and external structure coatings, internal accommodation coatings (floors, walls etc.), platform deck coatings, storage room, equipment rooms and pit coatings, handrail coatings, heli-pad coatings and all other areas where protection is required including legs and their related splash zone areas.


Polyurea Marine Coatings


Canrig Drilling Technology


For years Canrig has built its reputation on what may well be the best top drive in the industry. This was only one product.


Today things have changed. Commitment to new product development ensures that there will be an ongoing pipeline of products and services designed to deliver unparalleled levels of safety and efficiency. All are backed by Canrig’s reputation for quality and reliability.  This new diversity is why we can say with confidence that Canrig offers you innovative technology built to last.

The ThredOn Enviro-1 multi-use compound and lubricant is a technologically advanced, extremely water resistant, biogradable base grease that works in all environments, on all rig lubrication applications and all threaded connections.


ThredOn Enviro-1 decreases down time and increases efficiency.  It is recommended for use on drill pipe, tubing and casing, especially in environmentally sensitive areas; legs of jack‐ups, storage and thread protection, slides and any highly loaded, slow moving surface.


The compound provides excellent lubricity and surface separation within operational temperatures from -40c to 200c.  Excellent adhesion to wet joints and protects threads for superior makeup and breakout performance.  Formulated with natural mineral fillers and other environmentally friendly additives and contains no metals or PTFE, this is an environmentally safe product that has been developed for use in the oil field and other areas.  Enviro-1 compound and lubricant has the added convenience of being light in colour to assure consistent coverage.


South Coast Chemola


Cammach Group is the authorised distributor for the range of Headhunter Marine Sewage Systems, including:


Royal Flush Superbowl: utilising pressurised water, jet maceration and small diametic discharge piping, the royal flush range saves weight, reduced installation labour, maintenance costs and increases crew comfort. Consumption of less than 1 gallon per flush strikes a balance between water conservation and effective odor control. All royal flush toilets include the innovative ‘Go-n-Touch’ tactile feedback switch. These easy to use waterproof switches conform to our reliable intuitive design standard.


Water pressure systems, hoses & accessories: The Mach 5 Water Pressure System represents a quantum leap in pump technology with many advanced features and improvements over conventional water pressure pumps. Integrated flow and pressure sensors provide instant dry run protection.


The Mach 5 incorporates a state-of-the art multistage impeller system driven by a super-efficient water-cooled motor to generate up to 20 gallons per minute, instantaneously, on demand, and in virtual silence.


An easy to read control panel on top of the pump provides visual indication of alarm status, as well as reset capability. Other systems include HydropaQ, Stingray Saltwater Pressure System and SubpaQ Water Pressure System.


As well as waste water systems & accessories, commercial treatment systems, treatment system control panels, custom control panels and tank sentry fluid level monitors.


View the Headhunter catalogue via the link below or contact Cammach Group to find the best solutions for your sewage needs.



Headhunter Marine


Sponge-Jet is the world’s leader of clean, dry, low dust, reusable surface preparation equipment and trusted around the world.


The Sponge-Jet low dust and low rebound technology is an integral part of improving production efficiency, drastically reducing maintenance shutdowns, while protecting the workplace and the environment for many top petro/chemical, drilling and processing companies including Chevron and Shell.  Compared to conventional abrasive blasting techniques, Sponge-Jet technology suppresses fugitive emissions and rebound that can lead to costly interruptions and dangerous workplace conditions. The heart of the Sponge-Jet system is Sponge Media. This technology combines the containment capability of urethane sponge and the cleaning and cutting power of conventional abrasives.


Cammach Group is the sole distributor for Sponge-Jet technology for the North Sea.. Contact Cammach Group for more information or to schedule a private demonstration.


Sponge Jet


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