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Providing a versatile and innovative multi-discipline
service to the oil industry

Thermal Acoustic & Pipe Lagging

Providing a unique Acoustic service to the Offshore oil industry, using advanced materials and an innovative approach to create bespoke solutions for all Noise & Vibration control issues.


Working in conjunction with leading Scottish academic institutes, further research and modeling packages can be offered for high value projects where complete quality assurance is required.


Typical products include:

Silenced Deck Cowls: Fabricated to individual requirements.

Deck Vent Silencers: Fabricated from Stainless Steel to individual requirements

Soundproof enclosures: Built to project requirements

Soundproofing of Dog House, Engine Rooms and Compressor Rooms

Machine Area Sound Absorbers


Examples of Completed Projects

• Engine Room Silencing

• HP Silencing

• Deck Vent Silencing

• Accommodation cabin Silencing

• Workshop Silencing

• Dog House Silencing


Acoustic louvers are designed and built to bespoke project requirements, giving the most effective product for the application.

Acoustic Louvers Cowls

Specialist Acoustic Products

Cammach HUSH Lag

Compromising of a 3 part laminate sandwich of glass, mineral wood and a Polymeric barrier, this product provides a strong and resilient solution to be applied to a wide variety of applications.


The product can be customised for individual requirements, by finishing in a variety of materials from Aluminium foil to perforated PVC.


This product can also be installed in conjunction with our Sheeting to further improve sound reductions.



Cammach Quiet Curtain

Comprising of a development of our HUSH Lag, this has been designed as an easily installed solution for areas which require flexible easy access, such as Pump & HPU skids ie, where all around access is required and fixed acoustic panels are not practical.


The quiet curtain typically compresses of strips 200mm wide with Silican glass cloth outer and Silicon glass screen cloth inner, this arrangement encapsulates our HUSH Hag to produce a highly effective and practical product which can be used in a wide range of applications.



Cammach Exhaust Wrap

Designed to provide an easily fitted thermal and acoustic wrap for diesel exhausts and other hot vessels, withstanding 500ºC continuously.


Comprising of highly efficient 'Needle MAt' insulation, encased in Silicon Glass cloth, it is made in our sewing room to suit all your requirements.


The advanced specification of this product allows for a thinner than normal insulation thickness to offer, traditional materials.


Deck Vent Silencing

The effect of duct silencers fitted on the deck is to achieve a sound barrier between the machinery space on below deck, and the above deck areas.  This effectively reduces transmission of fan noise below deck and also reduced below deck generated noise from travelling through the duct, and in increasing noise above deck.


Acoustically improved fans and ductwork on main deck reduced the amount of high frequency noise and creates a better working environment. Axial fans, in general, emit quite large levels of high frequency noise.


The most economic solution to reduce the noise is to add an additional silencer if needed. Cammach Group’s standard range of circular silencers consist of CDA (straight through type no pod) and CDAP (podded type). Various lengths and manufacturing materials.


Contact Cammach Group for bespoke silencer and acoustic louvers cowls.

Bespoke Acoustic Materials


Applications include vehicle engine compartment lining, complex jacketing of pumps and similar items of plant, fan jackets, removable pipe and duct lagging, acoustic screens, ship and boat engine room insulation, offshore oil rig equipment, compressor and turbine insulation etc.


HUSH H differs from HUSH P due to the fact that foam is used instead of quilted fibre. Which means that if an application is required in a clean room environment and must be kept fibre free then Muftilag H should be used.


Designed to improve the sound insulation of existing panels of metal, wood, plastic etc, at all frequencies. The mat is normally fixed in intimate contact with the original panel. barriers are particularly effective in overcoming coincidence dip resonance found in stiff lightweight composites such as plywood sheets and hollow core panels.


Taptiles a multi-layered composite, which are widely used for noise control purposes in a variety of applications. They are ideally suited for recording studios and cinema type application’s The range of semi-rigid and rigid sheets are laminated and are combined with a mass layer of polymeric barrier, which is available in weights of 5, 10 or 15kilo.


Provide an atmosphere of privacy and comfort, Cammach has developed Quietwall, a range of acoustic wall panels specifically designed to absorb unwanted sound.


Damping sheet is used for the sound proofing of steel or aluminium panels and cabinets. Applications include steel panels in the automotive industry and for agricultural machinery. Also widely used in air- conditioning ductwork and the white goods industry.


Ideally suited to limit noise breakout from pipe work and soil pipes. The product is a laminate consisting of Class O foil facing, acoustic foam 5kg or 10kg barrier mass, with an acoustic foam space layer.


The product is used in various applications, which include, marine, construction, H&V, Internal lining of ductwork, absorbent wall / ceiling panels (See Quietwall Panels).


Ideally suited for, ductwork, infill’s for partitions and baffles between offices, enclosures, refrigeration and compressors, anywhere considerable reduction in the passage of noise breakout is required.


Common applications include: internal lining of ductwork & ventilation equipment, spatial absorbers, absorption linings in marine craft, automotive vehicles, generators, compressors, process plant and electrical equipment.


Manufactured from 80kg rock and encapsulated with either black or white 200grm glass cloth with a Class O foil backing. The product provides an effective means of controlling reverberation time and reflective sound within plant room type application’s.


Ideally suited to limit noise breakout from pipe work and soil pipes. The product is a laminate consisting of Class O foil facing, acoustic foam 5kg or 10kg barrier mass, with an acoustic foam space layer.


Our sewing shop is able to offer a wide range of bespoke acoustic products including fan jackets, pipe wraps, exhaust shrouds and acoustic curtains. Whatever your requirement, just ask. Cammach will be happy to help.


Reinforced vinyl is widely used to prevent moisture and water ingress, with its hard wearing and wipe clean surface, the product is ideally suited in hygienic type applications.


Cammach can manufacture almost any shape or design to suit your acoustic requirement. From V slab, which is specially cut to take cylindrical shapes, to cut parts and laminates. We are able to rebate high-density rock mineral wool and cut almost any thickness from 9mm upwards. Whatever your particular requirement Cammach can help.

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